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ASP.NET Basic Course
ASP.Net is one of the most enduring opportunities that are in high demand. ASP.NET is a New Technology for Server-Side Scripting to facilitate scripts to be carry out by an Internet server. It permits us to make use of a complete marked programming language to create web applications easily. Six Vision Technologies provide ASP.Net Training Course that covers each and every aspects of ASP.Net in detail.

If you desire to build a career in Web Development Industry and want your dazzling future than you have to do the course called ASP.Net so as to make your bright future.

ASP.Net has many impressive advantages as compare to any other platform in the market. Universally liking for Asp.Net is its merger with the Windows Server and Programming Tools effortlessly.

Any web application that has been created by Asp.Net is simple by nature, can be easily repair and set out painlessly since all tasks are performed in a single development environment.

Six Vision Technologies provide platform for students who are keen to build their future in Asp.Net programming.

Six Vision basic course schedule are as follows:
  • Chapter 0 – Part 1 HTML BASICS
  • Chapter 0 – Part 2 CSS
  • Chapter 0 – Part 3 Java script
  • Chapter 1- Part 1 – Introduction to .Net
  • Chapter 1 – Part 2 – Introduction to .Net
  • Chapter 2- Server Controls
  • Chapter 3 – Advance Server Controls
  • Chapter 4 – Validation Controls
  • Chapter 5 – Master Pages
  • Chapter 6 – Themes & Skin
  • Chapter 7 – What is IIS and IIS Configuration
  • Chapter 8 - Data Management in ADO
  • Chapter 9 - Data Binding in ASP.NET
  • Chapter 10 - Site Navigation
  • Chapter 11 - Login Controls
  • Chapter 12 - State Management
  • Chapter 13 – Debugging and Error Handling


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