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PHP Advance Course
Basic PHP
Now a day PHP is fast growing technical language, we offer PHP course for those students who want to make their carrier in one of the leading web programming tools - PHP & MySQL. The demand for PHP has grown rapidly in past 3 years and finding high skilled PHP developers remains difficult job for many HR personnel in India.

Professional PHP Course Structure & Syllabus
  • The fundamentals of Web
  • PHP (Basic, Functions, Arrays, OOPs, and Interacting with Mysql)
  • Mysql(RDBMS concepts, SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE queries)
  • JavaScript (JS Programming, Events, DOM, Form Validations)
  • HTML and CSS. Objective of this module is students will get clear understanding of core concepts of Web, PHP, Mysql, JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • PHP(Forms Handling and Processing, Datetime, Include & Require, Cookies & Sessions, Files Handling & File System functions, File Uploading and Downloading, Strings and Patterns)
  • Mysql(Index, views, Joins, Analyzing, Queries)
  • JavaScript (AJAX - concept and various advance ajax processes)

Advance PHP Course
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to HTML
  • Chapter 2: Introduction to CSS
  • Chapter 3: Introduction to JavaScript
  • Chapter 4: Introduction to PHP, Apache, Web Server, MySQL, Installation of XAMPP
  • Chapter 5: Form Handling Using PHP – get and post method
  • Chapter 6: Server Side validation using PHP logic and regular expression
  • Chapter 7: PHP Theory 1, 2, 3
  • Chapter 8: OOP in PHP
  • Chapter 9: Array Function in PHP – Part 1, 2
  • Chapter 10: Date Functions
  • Chapter 11: File System Function - Part 1, 2
  • Chapter 12: Captcha Creation
  • Chapter 13: Mailing using PHP mail function
  • Chapter 14: MySQL Functions
  • Chapter 15: Use of PHP and MySQL to prepare application
  • Chapter 16: Session Management
  • Chapter 17: Cookie Management
  • Chapter 18: Htaccess File management
  • Chapter 19: PDF creation using PHP
  • Chapter 20: Excel creation using PHP
  • Chapter 21: File uploading with restriction
  • Chapter 22: Joomla & template designing
  • Chapter 23: Cake PHP
  • Chapter 24: Smarty Template
  • Chapter 25: JavaScript – Ajax, DOM, Jquery


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Basic PHP
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Basic PHP
Advance PHP
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