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SEO TRAINING (Professional SEO Training )
What is the Search Engine Optimization
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Nowadays Search Engine Optimization is very popular service for presenting your business. All website creates with a dream to come on first page grade first rank on search engines like Yahoo, Google, Ask, MSN etc., Six Vision Technologies help you to make your dreams come true in such a way that your website can be seen on every first page of search engines and put traffic as much as possible. Through SEO with the help of internet support we make people to come to see your websites.

Training Output
After completion of our SEO training students get a good job in top MNC companies. Students are capable enough to show their best knowledge in SEO. Our training gives a strong boost to help our students to start good earnings as a freelancer or work in MNC companies with an attractive salary package anywhere in India as well as in foreign countries. Our SEO training is planned to create a professional and expert that should work independently and stand as SEO professionals in that way we helps them to build their bright future.

Training Methodology
Six Vision Technologies offers training in small sections. It covers the practical experience with live projects under our skilled SEO professionals and helps them to solve their problems on the spot. We pay attention to every individual student and the concepts are taught in easy to learn language. The training scheduled is explained in detail at the start of training session. The training is conducted strictly as per the schedule. Students are given home assignments for each week that must be completed in allocated time span. In a week there are three training sessions, covers all practical and theoretical knowledge.

Key Features of our Specialized SEO Training are…
  • 100% Practical Training for SEO.
  • All trainings are Integrated with Advanced Technologies and Contents.
  • Training by Developer having 15 years of Experience.
  • Student classes in Small Batches (5 - 6)
  • Training designed to focus on improving your Logic to make you a better Technology Developer.
  • Experience of Live work in Company.
  • Training will not be completed till you attend all the classes.
  • Interview Preparations, Notes for SEO.
  • Experience Certificate would be given for SEO after completion of our training.

Professional SEO Training (Search Engine Optimization)  
  Basics for SEO
  • On Page Optimization

Off page Optimization


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